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Persian rugs are a highly sought after floor accessory for homes. Why? Authentic ones are sourced directly from Iran, meaning all materials and production are completed by a local craftsman. It's machine-made counterpart will be a bit more affordable, but in both cases, buying a Persian rug can come with a hefty price. That's why rug care is critical to preservation.

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Persian Rug Cleaning

The price and make of Persian rugs make them a big investment for homes. That's why consumers are so particular about rug care.

This is the type of rug that needs professional care because the rug's age, type of fiber, dye, and structure (hand-woven or machine-produced) determine how delicate the piece of fabric should be handled.

In all cases, we recommend a hand-wash process with non-toxic, green seal cleaning products. Persian rug fibers are sensitive and can be damaged by using the wrong cleaning products.

Antique Rug Cleaning
Antique Rug Cleaning

Antique rug cleaning must be done by professional rug cleaning technician. Antique rugs are mostly known by the places from where the rich and beautiful fiber comes. Antique types of rugs are usually made from natural materials and all work is done by hand. Antique rug cleaning process requires best skills in order to keep your delicate rug in best shape. Hand wash process is used from beginning to the end; we provide best antique rug cleaning process in all Chicago land.

what we have done

Our team specializes in cleaning any delicate rug you may have.
We atOriental Rug Cleaning Chicago will ensure the highest quality cleaning process available in the industry. Let us make your fine rug look like new again!

  • Delicate Rug Cleaning Process:
  • 1. Free pick-up and Pre-Inspection
  • 2. Vacuuming
  • 3. Pre-Condition
  • 4. Pre-Spotting
  • 5. Shampooing
  • 6. Rinsing
  • 7. Drying
  • 8. Post-Inspection and Delivery

Before we deliver your rug, it will go through last inspection stage where technicians will make sure every spot is gone and your fine rug is ready to be delivered. To protect your rug during delivery, we use special bag to ensure it stays fresh and clean.

  • Karina Tinkle

    My big Persian rug is family owned for a long time. These guys cleaned it and looks like they took great care of it. It seems colors came back and I am very happy about it. Many thanks, recommend to everyone.

    Chicago 08 March 2012
  • Kurt Croswell

    I had them clean my rug after my dog peed all over it. It smelled bad already. They pick up from my house and delivered smelling good and fresh. The rate seemed reasonable since they did great job getting out all urine smell. I am very happy and definitely I will use them again.

    Naperville 11 March 2012
  • Ashlee Claywell

    It appears to be a family run business. The men who picked up all my rugs and returned them after cleaning were very friendly. I had some heavy furniture but that wasn’t a problem for them. The crew was very professional and easy to deal with. Thanks a lot guys.

    Chicago 15 February 2012

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