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Area Rug Cleaning is the key to maintaining a clean and healthy home environment while preserving the beauty of your rugs. At Oriental Rug Cleaning Chicago, we provide professional cleaning services tailored to your rugs’ specific needs. Trust us to deliver superior results and exceptional service, ensuring that your rugs remain clean, fresh, and beautiful for years to come.

Area rugs add an elegant touch to your interior design, but they aren’t the easiest fabric to keep clean. For the best rug care, speak with one of our professional cleaners–we are available 24/7.

Synthetic area rugs are easy to clean compared to Oriental and persian fabric. We recommend washing the fabric by hand, but direct steam cleaning is also an effective option. It’s also important to clean area rugs every year, dependent on how much foot traffic it recieves.

For pristine, refreshed area rugs that enhance your living space, look no further than our Area Rug Cleaning services. Our expert team at Oriental Rug Cleaning Chicago employs advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to lift dirt, stains, and allergens, leaving your rugs clean and vibrant. Experience the difference with our meticulous care and attention to detail, ensuring your satisfaction with every clean.

Extra Tip: Foot traffic and sunlight can put extra stress on area rugs, so rotate once every 6 months to prevent color changes and sun damage.

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